Escort Agencies and the Arguments in favor of its Existence

Sometimes most of us are confused about what is morally good and bad to a point that we often have varying standards on what is good and what is bad. Take, for example, a person who had been in a dire strait because of a depression occasioned by a failed relationship. This person is feeling like drowning. Likewise, if he doesn’t have the needed support, this person may break down and eventually succumb to intense depression. Yet, if for example, that person lives in Nottingham and he suddenly availed himself of nottingham erotic massage from one of the escort services proffered in Nottingham, surely that person will feel good about himself, and it would be safe to say that what he did had greatly contributed to his well-being. Yet, the way by which he gained his wholeness is definitely tabooed by the society at large, and hence, we are in a dilemma in judging whether what he did was right or wrong. Judging from the effects of his action on himself, we could say that what he did was necessary to keep his sanity. For this reason, we could reason out that there are things which we consider to be morally wrong which could be of great help to people who are suffering from depression.

The Benefits of Availing of Escorts in This Modern World
People may frown at the kind of job offered by escorts to their clients; yet, upon close scrutiny, one would readily see that there are benefits that can be had in having these kinds of services in our society. On the one hand, it affords people who feel isolated and alone to have companions to enable them to ward off the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Likewise, people who have the urge to have sex with another person would surely find these kinds of services a welcome relief, for instead of them releasing their libido in not-so-healthy and accepted ways such as raping another person or brutally forcing another person to have sex with them, they could readily avail of these services.

If we subscribe to the idea of Freud, then releasing libido via this accepted means is indeed a better way to release one’s libido than looking for ways which are not accepted by the laws and contrary to the established norms of society. Moreover, paying for the company and care of another person is better than wallowing in one’s misery in isolation. In a way, we could say that this is a healthier alternative to hooking up with a prostitute that peddles her/his ware along the streets and dark nooks of the cities. Health-wise, availing of an escort service is far better than hooking up with an unknown pimp. The process of having to pay for the companionship of another person is far more acceptable and wholesome, for you not only give the another person a means of eking out a living, but you also protect yourself from unnecessary diseases which you may get if you get hooked up with an uncertified pimp.

The abovementioned reasons for availing of an escort service may in some way justify the existence of these escort services. Yet, the most justifying reason among these abovementioned reasons is the ability of escorts to provide companionship to a desperate lonely person, which, in some ways, can help preserve the integrity and sanity of that person.

Educating Teens About Safe Sex

As a great parent, one of your duties is to educate your teen children about safe and responsible sex. Talking to them is just like having to teach school children, the only thing is, you need to talk to them privately and cautiously. So what we’d like you to do is to slowly open your teen’s eyes to the possibility of having diseases in having unsafe sex.

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Try talking to them about it during times where you all get to spend time altogether, like during breakfast and suppers. Try opening up about the topic first by asking them if they are having any boyfriends or girlfriends. Remember to go easy on them to make them feel more open in talking about things that are related to sex.

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Always tell them that safe sex is really important, make them remember that there is a big possibility to get the disease like STD almost everywhere. So make them aware by presenting a few things that will justify  your reasons for having a conversation about it. If you have time, try researching a few things about it on the web and let them see and ask their opinion about it.